Housing choice partners

Where people live has a direct impact on their opportunities in life. Housing Choice Partners’ goal is to expand the housing choices for very low-income residents that have a Housing Choice Voucher by providing the resources and support they need to access areas of opportunity.

Housing opportunity is the primary means to ensure that all residents have a chance to participate in the economic vitality of the region, become self-sufficient, realize better health outcomes, and provide their children with access to better performing schools and employment opportunities to reduce the cycle of intergenerational poverty. In partnership with the Chicago Housing Authority, HCP works with families that have a Housing Choice Voucher by providing information and support to encourage families to move to “opportunity” areas.

These areas generally have better educational and employment choices so that families can use their subsidy not just to pay the rent, but to improve their lives. Families are given information on housing options throughout the region and support services once a move is made.

First-time voucher recipients, current HCV participants, or families porting in from another housing authority are all eligible to participate in the CHA/HCP Mobility Counseling Program.

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